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This site has been upgraded! Please go to Wise Owl Training to do exactly the same tests, but with a better user interface and better reports. We will also be adding the ability to create your own tests and to collate test results to the Wise Owl site soon.

Basic computing skills (old) test

You are ready to start this Basic computing skills (old) test!

Please read the following carefully first:

  • You will have 20 questions to answer.
  • For each question there are 4 possible answers (A, B, C or D); simply select the correct answer for each question (or if you don't know the answer to a question, say so).

You start with 20 points. To this total:

  • 4 points will be added for each question that you get right; but
  • 1 point will be subtracted for each question that you get wrong.

It is therefore a bad idea to guess.

You will have a maximum of 20 minutes to complete the test (after this time, all unanswered questions will be marked as DON'T KNOW).

When you have finished, you will see your score, both in absolute terms and relative to other people who have done the test. You will also be able to share this result on Facebook or by email.

When you are ready, simpy click on the button below to begin!