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This site has been upgraded! Please go to Wise Owl Training to do exactly the same tests, but with a better user interface and better reports. We will also be adding the ability to create your own tests and to collate test results to the Wise Owl site soon.

Skills Assessment FAQs

If you've done a test and like what you see, you might like to consider creating an account with us and then buying blocks of tests.  This gives you the following advantages:

  • You have more control over who does which tests, and when;
  • You can create custom tests, unique to your company or organisation;
  • You receive an email whenever someone starts a test;
  • You can see a summary of all tests taken by your employees or staff; and
  • You can compare your staff's performance against that of other people within your company.

For more information about how our accounts work, read on!

Who is this service aimed at?

Our accounts are aimed at anyone who wants to assess the skills of their current or possible future staff.  Typical users of the site are:

  • Training managers
  • HR managers
  • Recruitment consultants
  • Other managers

The tests let you assess and compare the skills of staff impartially and fairly.

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How can I book a block of tests?

First you will need to create an account.  This doesn't cost anything except a couple of minutes of your time.

When you have an account set up, you can buy more tests at any time in blocks - for example, you might choose to buy a block of 50 tests, and then allocate them to different staff as and when needed.  For example, you could specify that you want:

  • Jo in accounts to do an Excel 2007 test; and
  • Joe in sales to do a PowerPoint 2010 test.

Each test that you book will be debited from your account.  You can see what reports are available or find out what your staff will see when you book a test for them.

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What reports can I see?

Lots!  In the example below, a training manager is choosing to show all Excel 2007 tests taken by Basil Brush in April 2009 for which he scored between 30 and 70%:

Searching for a report

The results of any search would be a list of tests, showing:

  • The name of the person taking each test (for example, "Basil Brush")
  • The name of the test taken (for example, "Excel 2007")
  • The date of the test
  • The start and end time of the test, with the time taken
  • The overall test score
  • The average test score within your company (for example, you might see that Basil Brush had an average score of 70% (which sounds good), but that this compared with an average score of 75% for your company
  • The average test score for all people doing the test

You can then click against any test to see more details about it, including:

  • the percentage score obtained by topic (for example, you might see that Adam scored strongly on Excel charts but poorly on Excel formulae, highlighting a particular training need)
  • the percentage score obtained by level (for example, Eve might have got 100% of easy questions right but only 20% of difficult questions correct)

Finally, you can produce reports at any time showing all of the tests that are still outstanding (ie that you have ordered but have not yet been taken), and also report on the status of your account.

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What will people being tested see?

If you order a test for someone, they will receive an email telling them that you have ordered a test on their behalf, and explaining what this means.  They will then be able to click on a link in this email to begin their test.

When a testee clicks on the test link in their email, they will see information explaining what is about to happen.  Among other things this will explain:

  • That they are about to do a multiple choice test
  • How many questions they will need to answer, and how long they have to do this in
  • That they can go back to any question at any time, and answer the questions in any order
  • That they will be able to see their test results, and that these will also be forwarded to the manager who booked the tests

When the testee clicks on the start button, they will have a given number of minutes - usually 20 - in which to complete the test.  Although they will be able to refer to software and notes, the tests are designed in such a way that this will not be of that much help in the time available. However, the skills assessment tests are by no means cheatproof, and you may prefer to invigilate candidates (sit in on their tests).

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How much will it cost me?

Very little!  You can see our schedule of skills assessment test prices here.

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Do I need to install any software?

No - everything is available through your standard web browser. 

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Why would I want to set my own test?

We recognise that our tests won't suit everyone (a common criticism is that they are too difficult), and so we allow you to create your own tests.  If you think your test is relevant for other users of this site let us know, and we may make it publicly available.

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